Gimme — The High Five Glove

Personal Project


Like, Swipe, Poke, Follow... Our digital world may be full of social gestures, we've forgotten the most iconic one: the High Five.


To restore justice and finally bring the High Five to the digital era.


Gimme — the High Five Glove: a connected glove that tracks and shares every High Five you do.


Launch Video

Mmm, at first glance, it just looks like another stupid hipster-friendly product... Now what?

Well, the thing is Gimme isn't just a glove. It also tracks and shares every High-Five you do.

How? Gimme is based on a Bluetooth Low Energy motion sensor. So once you feel and hear the gratifying BAM of hand upon hand, Gimme does too.

Once paired with your smartphone, Gimme gives you the strength with which you just hit your buddy's hand.

Gimme also saves the exact places where you did all of your palm smacks.

When your High Five friend is wearing a glove too, Gimme identifies who it is. And if that was not already the case, automatically adds him as a friend on Facebook and Twitter.

Through a dedicated platform, Gimme lets you look over the last High Fives you or your friend did. See an example.

When you run out of battery, simply plug Gimme via any micro-USB cable.

Oh and don't hesitate to use your smartphone, Gimme is a pair of toasty touchscreen-friendly gloves.

Gimme comes in 4 colors: Grey, Mottled Blue, Burgundy and Jacquard.

Prepare to BAM!

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